What is the
Khoj Program?

Khoj is an initiative by IIT Ashram that was started by our founder Prof. S R Mishra in 2008. It is a science aptitude test for students from Class V to X. Khoj was born with an intention to celebrate and support students in their studies at IIT Ashram, by offering them scholarships and cash prizes based on their merit. With this program the aim is to make sure that students realize their potential and build their aspiration in taking up high research oriented roles in the field of medical and engineering. Adding to this, the program also aims to motivate students to take up challenging research work and teaching assignments.

What are the Benefits of the Program?

The Khoj Program includes generous prizes, scholarships and merit certificates. The students of IIT Ashram appear for the Khoj exam once every year and their results decide the scholarship prizes they can avail. The selected students benefit in seeking a great financial support for their studies at IIT Ashram. The scholarship amount is directly applicable towards redeeming their coaching fees at our institute. Cash prizes of up to INR 4 crores are awarded to students depending on their results from each class. The Khoj exam also allows students to analyse their performance and reflect on their weaknesses as well as strengths. It is an opportunity that allows our IIT Ashram students to celebrate their abilities and be proud of their hard work.

  • Get a realistic prediction of your All India Rank in Competitive & Scholastic Exams
  • Get a scientific evaluation of your IQ specifically for JEE Advanced, JEE Main, NEET, NTSE, KVPY, Olympiads
  • Have a clear picture of your absolute level of preparation of the concepts learnt in Math & Science
  • Get an insight of where you could be at the national level Competitive & Scholastic Exams
  • Get a detailed Analytical Report highlighting your scope of improvement and an awareness of how to achieve desired results in each Competitive & Scholastic Exams at this stage and in the future
  • Know your Subject-wise Relative Performance at the State Level
10:00 AM
to 07:00 PM (MON-SUN)

Scholarship Rules

  • Cash prize will be offered only on admission for 2 years or more.
  • Cash prize will be adjusted with tuition fees in two years / three years.
  • Students who are already enrolled with IIT Ashram for 2 years program will not be entitled for KHOJ/UDAAN cash prize & scholarship of 2 year academic session. For example: enrolment for classes 9-10, Academic session 2024-2026 will not be eligible for KHOJ- 2023.
  • Cash prizes will be given in two years in two installments. For example, in the case of INR 10,000/, the payment will be made in the 1st year in the month of Aug: INR 5,000/- and then in the second year in the month of Sept- INR 5,000/-.
  • A student eligible for cash prize will not be awarded the cash money in case of withdrawal of admission.
  • In case of withdrawal in the second year (2-year program) the cash prize for the second year shall not be awarded. The other conditions of refund will remain as per the rules.

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How Can it Help You?

Appearing for Khoj can help students in developing skills that can get them through various scholarship examinations successfully. These may include scholarship-based examinations like NTSE, NSTSE, KVPY and Olympiads for classes 8th, 9th and 10th, and other career-oriented competitive examinations like JEE Main(AIEEE), JEE Advanced(IIT-JEE), AIIMS and NEET. In fact, competing in Khoj allows students to build their basics of Mathematics, Science and Mental Ability at an early stage and these abilities can help them in performing better at other competitive exams like CAT, MAT as well as Civil Services. Khoj has been designed to encourage students who are inclined to take up careers in research, and to foster their interest in pure sciences and engineering programs.

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It gives students realization about their place in this competitive world and compels them to work harder to achieve their goals.

Yashraj Deshmukh
Rank 6, KHOJ-2018
Four Year Concept School Program (JEE)

I got an insight of where I could have been and what my scope of improvement is.

Vishal Gosain
IIT BHU, Electricals
Rank 3, KHOJ-2018
Five Year Classroom Program (JEE)
JEE Main, 2022: 99.83%ile

KHOJ gives a crucial exam experience for different national level exams and helps you understand your competence among other students of same level.

Nihar Rakesh Shah
Rank 1, KHOJ-2018
NTSE Topper (Stage 2), NTSE STage-1 (State Rank-39)
Four Year Classroom Program (JEE)

I got to recognize my strength and was able to enhance and my skills.

Swayam Desai
Rank 1, KHOJ-2018
Four Year Classroom Program (JEE)

I got an idea of where I stand among others in competitive exams and what is my scope of improvement.

Rakshit Pandey
Rank 1, KHOJ-2018
Four Year Classroom Program (JEE)